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March 3, 2024

A visit to Maritime College

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Continuing their enriching journey through the Middle East and Asia, our dedicated Dean Zina Kyriakou and President Soula Kyriakou recently made a fascinating detour to visit the Maritime College. This stop offers a unique opportunity to connect with students who are immersed in the art and science of navigation and boat maintenance.

At the Maritime College, students are honing their skills to navigate the vast seas and maintain vessels with precision. This hands-on learning experience is not only a testament to the institution’s commitment to maritime education but also aligns with our dedication to providing diverse and practical learning opportunities for our students.

As our leaders delve into the world of maritime education, they are gaining valuable insights into the crucial role this sector plays in shaping skilled professionals for the maritime industry. It’s another significant step in understanding the various facets of education in the regions they are exploring.

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