Learn today. Become a business leader tomorrow.

Our wide range of programs and courses are designed to respond to real-world market needs. Everything that you learn today will help you gain a competitive edge in tomorrow’s market.

Learn today. Become a business leader tomorrow.

Our wide range of programs and courses are designed to respond to real-world market needs. Everything that you learn today will help you gain a competitive edge in tomorrow’s market.

Who is IES?

Welcome to the International Executive School (IES), a business school where passion and innovation cross paths to offer future talents a transformative learning experience.

At IES, education is more than just a collection of theoretical concepts; it is a journey of self-discovery, fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit of our visionary founders, Zina and Soula. Our transformative approach goes beyond textbooks. We embrace hands-on experiences, real-world projects, and industry partnerships every step of the way to empower students and prepare them for the real world.

At the heart of our institution lies a deep commitment to fostering a community of like-minded individuals. That is why every department at IES, from professors to management, plays an integral role in shaping the campus experience. Our professors are not just educators; they are your mentors and lifelong companions throughout your educational journey.

This is an institution where individuals unite in the pursuit of knowledge. Join our community and together, we’ll shape a future that knows no limits.


Offering a range of programs and courses for students, professionals, and executives.

Our programs and courses are designed in collaboration with industry leaders, giving students and professionals the tools and skills needed to succeed in the real-world.


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“A school built with passion and innovative ideas.”

The Founders

Soula Kyriakou

IEMBA, International School of Management – New York, United States
IES President – Strasbourg, France

With a profound passion for learning and an unparalleled drive to explore diverse cultures, Soula has been embracing a world without boundaries since day one.

From her early days in Lebanon to her educational journey in France, Soula has truly cultivated a global perspective.

As the co-founder and President of the International Executive School (IES), Soula envisions a global community. At IES, she doesn’t just see students; she sees potential and dreams. With an interest in multicultural management, international marketing, and the art of effective communication, Soula’s classroom is not just a space for instruction; it serves as a platform for mutual learning. She sees every interaction and shared idea as a gateway to knowledge and growth.

With a decade of experience, mostly in the marketing sector, Soula has worn multiple hats in renowned corporations like P&G, Nestlé, and BAT. However, it is not the titles or positions that define her, but her ability to navigate challenges and inspire teams. Leadership comes naturally to Soula, serving as a testament to her influence and impact.

Soula’s life resembles a multifaceted cube, with each side representing a different aspect of her personality and interests. When she is not teaching and guiding students, she travels the world and indulges in different cuisines and cultures. You might also spot her reading ancient history and engaging in political discussions.

She believes that curiosity in life is what drives you to learn about cultures and that curiosity, coupled with good intentions, can take you wherever you want to go.

Dr. Zina Kyriakou

DBA, International School of Management – New York, United States
IES Dean – Strasbourg, France

A beacon of inspiration to communities around the globe, Zina is more than just a professor; she is a catalyst for change, a global citizen by nature, and a humanist at heart.

Her tireless dedication to education, leadership, and cultural understanding makes her a true global visionary and a guiding light for future generations.

With three decades of experience in diverse sectors, including hospitality, entrepreneurship, women’s leadership, and corporate social responsibility, Zina has enriched countless lives with her invaluable knowledge and hands-on experiences. She has graced prestigious conferences in locations like UAE, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Poland, to name a few.

Armed with an undergraduate degree in Business and Marketing, a master’s degree in International Relations, and a PhD in Business with a focus on leadership, Zina’s pedagogical approach is a testament to her innovative spirit. Her mission is clear: to discover and nurture the talents of future leaders. She believes in the power of teamwork, perseverance, and a lifelong commitment to learning and exploration. That is precisely why she prioritizes her relationship with her students, continually motivating them to strive for excellence. Their stories become her stories, and their success is her legacy.

Zina is a dreamer, a self-made visionary who has been exploring the world since the age of 12. Her bravery, courage, and relentless advocacy for her rights and those of others are hallmarks of her character. When she is not shaping future leaders, Zina embarks on solo adventures to uncover hidden gems around the world and meet people from all walks of life.”


Our Achievements

With our forward-thinking approach, we aim to provide future talents and industry professionals with transformative learning experiences to help them adapt to rapidly changing times.

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Our skilled team of professors, coaches, and counselors work hand-in-hand to shape tomorrow’s business leaders.

Industry leaders, skilled professors, and program managers are at the heart of the teaching programs at IES.

Professor Adama Ndjol Kouyaté

Master’s Degree in Public Administration – New York University (NYU)
Bachelor of Business Administration – Bernard M. Baruch College
Coaching Certification from Team Coaching International, California

Professor Gisèle Szczyglak

PhD in Political Philosophy – University of Toulouse II
Post-doctorate in political sociology and applied ethics – Montreal, Canada
President and founder of WLC Partners (HR consultancy)
President and co-founder of Open Mentoring Network (NGO)

Professor Paul G. Morcos

Attorney at Law & Legal Consultant
University Professor
PhD in Law – Nancy II University (2006)


Our Activities

March 3, 2024

A visit to Maritime College

Continuing their enriching journey through the Middle East and Asia, our dedicated Dean Zina Kyriakou and President Soula...
OUR Activities

Our Activities

February 25, 2024

A visit to Le Professionnel School of Hotel Management in Nepal

Continuing their remarkable journey through the Middle East and Asia, Dr. Zinaida KYRIAKOU(Ph.D.), our dean, and President Soula...
OUR Activities

Our Activities

February 14, 2024

Exploring ‘Beauty World’ in Saudi Arabia

Our esteemed Dean, Dr. Zinaida KYRIAKOU(PhD), and President Soula Kyriakou have embarked on a remarkable journey to connect...
OUR Activities

International Forum on Advancement in Healthcare

Our Activities

The IES participated in IFAH which took place at Le Meriden, Dubai in 2019 as +1000 healthcare professionals discussed the

ASIC Conference in Kuala Lumpur

Our Activities

Dr. Zina Kyriakou and Soula Kyriakou were recently involved in the ASIC conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in September 2017

We help students gain the knowledge, skills, and capabilities needed to succeed in the future.



Building a trusted network and sense of belonging with our community is our top priority. Here is what our community has to say:

    Zina and Soula, the owners of an outstanding business school, embody a remarkable passion for education and an international mindset. Their visionary leadership and dedication have created a transformative learning environment, nurturing students’ holistic development and empowering them for success. Their impact will shape future generations of global leaders.

    IES was highly recommended by my seniors for my professional and personal development.

    As a logistician and mother, IES was the most suitable choice to improve my skills and advance my education without having to go abroad.

    The reason I chose to go to IES was the quality of the school and the skillful professors and coaches who offer so much knowledge in the area of logistics and supply chain.

    Working with IES and watching the school and community grow has been an amazing experience and has allowed me to discover some truly great people.

    I had the distinct pleasure of working closely with Dr. Zina Kyriakou on several projects – from our doctorate program years to other educational projects with IES – and I can confidently say that her contributions were truly invaluable.

    When you start working with IES, it’s like being part of a big and caring family where ambition, hard work, and respect for others prevail.

    In November 2022, I held an on-site training module on management development in collaboration with IES. The participants went through a specially designed program that included training and visits to several well-known companies in Strasbourg and Paris. It was a pleasure working with IES during that time.

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