Educating & preparing today’s generation for tomorrow’s world.



A forward-thinking school built with passion and knowledge.

Founded by two visionary educators, Zina and Soula, IES serves as a beacon of hope for today’s generations, empowering them with the knowledge and skills needed to conquer the challenges of tomorrow.

Embracing diversity and driven by passion, our founders’ rich multicultural backgrounds have forged an exceptional learning environment at IES. With a focus on practical learning, we prepare our students to not just face the future but embrace it with confidence and determination.

From aspiring entrepreneurs to industry leaders, every student who graduates from IES leaves with the potential to make a lasting impact in their respective fields.

“We are building our business school to educate today’s generation with the skills needed to shape tomorrow’s world.”

A Future For Students

We strive to provide our students with a premium program that not only benefits them during their academic journey but also prepares them for their professional futures. Our goal is to work alongside students and become their partners in the business world. By enhancing their skills, we hope to foster their curiosity and inspire them to think creatively through new ideas, new approaches, and new ways of thinking.

Our Mission

Our mission at IES is to empower students to excel both professionally and personally, preparing them to become the next generation of business leaders. We aim to do that by bridging the gap between knowledge, action, and behavior with the support of our skilled team of teachers, coaches, and counselors.

Our Vision

At IES, our vision is to not only instruct our students but to walk alongside them as they build their futures. Through our diverse teaching methods, consulting sessions, and coaching teams, IES aspires to become a strategic player in the development and growth of our students.

Our Values


Our ability to adapt to change stems from our openness to growth. At IES, we value and welcome diverse ideas and perspectives and strive to instill such values in our students.


Respect towards others is a given. We treat all individuals equally regardless of their background, beliefs, gender, or life preferences.


Clear, direct, and honest communication lies at the core of IES as it helps promote an effective learning environment and teamwork.


Without curiosity, there is no growth. At IES, we believe curiosity is at the core of development and growth.


Learning knows no age, no timeframe, and no boundaries. It is a life-long process that knows no end.

The challenges of education today

The educational sector today focuses heavily on preparing and equipping students for the business world by providing them with more than just theoretical knowledge. At IES, we recognize the importance of soft skills in professional development, and we prioritize the teaching of mobility, flexibility, and communication in our curriculum. These skills are essential for the self-development of our students and their success in the workplace.

Our programs suit the ever-changing landscape

As the educational landscape continues to evolve rapidly, teaching has become more multi-faceted. At IES, we recognize the need to stay up to date and continuously adapt our programs to provide our students with the knowledge and technical skills needed to analyze, communicate, and excel in today’s competitive workplace. We aim to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world business skills, ensuring that our students are well-prepared for success.

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