International Forum on Advancement in Healthcare in Dubai

The International Executive School participated in IFAH (International Forum on Advancement in Healthcare) about Formerly Smart Health Conference at Le Meriden, Dubai in 2019. Where +1000 healthcare professionals discussed the future challenges and factors to enhance the healthcare industry trends and implications, especially after the growth of Artificial Intelligence and technology.

IES revealed the monopolistic programmers about Spa and Wellness Management and its importance in the healthcare industry. Patients and individuals need to heal and learn the wellbeing lifestyle, and so IES highlighted the importance of hospital clinics starting medical spas and wellness centers. Spa and wellness is no longer a luxury treat but essential for individuals to be able to incorporate wellness in real state, workplace and community. The audience showed interest in the Sustainable Workplace Wellness module conducted by IES as it merges the Sustainable Development Goals and the importance of wellness.

IES Education regularly participates in international healthcare conferences.
The health of our students comes first, which is why IES Education provides a healthy work environment.